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Business strategy and brand strategy should be closely linked. At BRIT™, we are experts in both.

Specializing in businesses and brands targeting high end customers and services, BRIT™ has built a reputation for excellence and lasting results. 

With over 15 years of experience helping build businesses and brands across a diverse range of industries, countries and markets, BRIT™is perfectly positioned to help you grow.    

BRIT is a bespoke business strategy firm based in Kansas City. We help entrepreneurs and small business owners achieve superior performance, solve problems and ultimately build better companies. To date we’ve created $7.2 million for our clients using our 25,000+ hours of experience building 5 of our own companies.

OUR EXPERTISE lies in helping design better companies that achieve superior performance across brand, user experience, marketing, systems and products.

OUR CLIENTS include first time entrepreneurs, creative entrepreneurs, over 50 entrepreneurs, and small business owners. Think of us as the secret weapon behind your future success.

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